2005 Tuba Records


Recorded, mixed and mastered in Skansen Lydstudio, August 30 – September 1 2005 (by Stein Bratland). Lyrics by Birger Sivertsen

Released in Norway only!

The song ‘Allvis’ on this single is the same version that can be found on the album ‘Troll’. The Song ‘Nidvisa’ was used as a bonus track on some versions of the album ‘Troll’.

Produced and released to raise funds and gain attention at the “Gi oss Jula tilbake“-action, a campaign to stop commercialism from starting celebrating Christmas in early Octobre by selling Christmas-candy and Such.

Nidvise” is a song to mock/insult/making fun of someone, and Lumsk’s Nidvisa was orginally performed 10/3 2005 outside the factory/main office of the candy producer Nidar in Trondheim, Norway.